Saturday, March 31, 2007

Day 30 - Art Every Day for a Month...

As this self-imposed challenge comes to a close today, I have a few confessions. First, as you may have noticed, I began this challenge on the second day of March, so I really missed a day, but since March has 31 days, I'm going to cut myself some slack on that one. I also missed one day mid-month when I was experiencing technical difficulties. I might make this day up tomorrow, if I have a little time. Also, anyone who is a faithful DAILY visitor to my blog will know that I cheated. Yup. I admit it. While I did make at least 29 pieces of art this month, I did not actually make one every day. Some days I made none, and others I made several, but I altered my blog-posting dates so that I have one post per day for the month. If I were a "type A" personality, I might declare that I failed this challenge - or I might not confess these details, but I'm not a type A. (although I cannot explain why I felt it necessary to change the blog post dates, so maybe I'm an A-). As this challenge comes to an end, the fact that I was able to stick with it and make time for creative expression on a regular basis was the whole point, so I feel hugely successful, in spite of my inconsistencies.

More important insights on my "challenge"
The" make art every day challenge" evolved into something totally unexpected, as art often does. I was going to try to go into my art room everyday, for at least a little while, to make something. Instead, I found myself falling behind before I even started, because I just don't get into my studio everyday. I want to, but the mundane demands of daily life often get in the way. But I'm not a quitter (okay, I did quit Girl Scouts three times, but that was a long time ago), so I decided on that first day to make a digital collage. I was still at my desk at work, a few minutes after 5 pm, (in case they ask!) and in no time at all, I had a piece of art. Although I am a graphic artist and am fairly skilled in Photoshop, I don't have many opportunities to use it as a collage tool, and this challenge completely turned my Photoshop skills into a fun new medium. While nothing is quite as satisfying to me as working with ink and paper, paint and all things messy, I fell in love with the instantaneous nature of computer collage, and the ease with which I could try and "untry" techniques -- and I am going to continue to hone my skills. I am certain that I will not continue to post a new piece every day, but definitely with more frequency... AND I am definitely going to continue to explore and combine my mixed media art and my computer art on a regular basis.

I encourage anyone exploring their creative boundaries to try something like this - a small challenge (find the word "change" in there) -- that pushes your boundaries, even in a little way, to reach a little further.

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DEW said...

HA! you are just a type A in denial. You need to go to TAA and say, "Hi, my name is Kerri, and as much as I deny it, I am a type A personality in disguise" And remember it take one to know one!

Since I'm on a hotel computer all I can say quickly is it is about time that you did more with your computer skills. I think that you shyed away from it because it is what you do at work and needed that "break" or separation. I understand this, but at some point you need to embrace it as a talent you have and use it to your advantage. As a person who also spends her time all day at work on a computer I do feel experience this as well - I feel disconnected and need to connect with the tactile world and the last thing I want to touch is a computer. But it is a VERY useful artistic tool! Miss U! XOXO