Monday, January 31, 2011

A sketch a day...

I received these great Moleskin monthly planners for Christmas and decided to use them as daily sketchbooks... I've turned the first sketch into a new blog header with some Photoshop fun...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A fun little Valentine project...

While teaching mixed media art classes (with my rockin' bud, Marilyn)at Captured Moments, last year, I saw a set of clothespin magnets similar to these, and I've wanted to make my own ever since. It has taken me a year to get around to it, but they're a cute little gift for friends, and a piece of functional art as well. Here's how I made them:

scrapbook papers (mine are Valentine-themed)- cut to 3/8 inch strips
sheet music
Gel medium of glue of choice
acrylic paints/paint brush
roll of adhesive magnet back 1/2 inch wide
brown ink pad (I used Brilliance, chocolate)
rubber stamp - I chose a decorative swirl - from Memory Box (maybe!)
brown & rose colored mat board (cut to 4 x 3 inches) - I buy cheap scraps from an art supply store that does framing and mat cutting.

Instructions:Paint clothespins with acrylic paints.
Glue strips of scrapbook papers to the front of each clothespin.
Cut the adhesive magnet into long 1/4 inch strips & adhere to back of each clothespin.
Antique the edges of the clothespins by tapping into brown stamp pad
Glue a button on to some of the clothespins.
Tear a piece of sheet music and adhere to the mat board
Stamp bottom of mat board with swirl & brown ink.
Attach clothespin magnets to mat board to give as a Valentine treat or for any occasion.

Monday, January 24, 2011


That was the temperature at 6 am today, when I attempted to walk Max... who went on strike and sat in the driveway...not because of the extreme cold, but because of the extreme humiliation of having to wear his wool dog sweater. So I removed the sweater, and he pee'd, but then immediately lifted his paws from the cold, so that was the extent of our morning walk... which was fine by me.

We are both cranky and a bit stir crazy from this weather, which promises to get worse, with another big storm on the way. When did I become such a complete winter weanie?

Here's the view out my back deck... Kinda cool, I must admit. (I would have taken a picture of Max in his doggie sweater, but he was flipping me off.)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some of the stuff you will see in my office if you look around...

Clearly I have hit rock bottom with blog content. I suppose I could take artistic photos of snow and ice, but I am already so sick of winter that I am past the point of appreciating it right now. So this is it folks. Wow. Does this post sound cranky or what? I'm really not. Oh, and look... It's 5:09 pm. Time to leave work!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Home improvements

I love my little house, but it has been begging for fresh paint & new decor for ages. So I decided that I'd tackle it one room at a time during the winter months, when my garden and lawn are not begging for attention. I probably should have done a before and after, but I didn't think about it until it was finished. This is my smallest bedroom, which hasn't actually been a bedroom until now...fresh paint, stained hardwood, a daybed, shelves, (thanks Wanzer!) and some linens. I need to add a painting to the wall, but that is still in the works!...I will probably be shoveling snow rather than painting tonight, however!