Monday, January 24, 2011


That was the temperature at 6 am today, when I attempted to walk Max... who went on strike and sat in the driveway...not because of the extreme cold, but because of the extreme humiliation of having to wear his wool dog sweater. So I removed the sweater, and he pee'd, but then immediately lifted his paws from the cold, so that was the extent of our morning walk... which was fine by me.

We are both cranky and a bit stir crazy from this weather, which promises to get worse, with another big storm on the way. When did I become such a complete winter weanie?

Here's the view out my back deck... Kinda cool, I must admit. (I would have taken a picture of Max in his doggie sweater, but he was flipping me off.)


Marilyn Rock said...

It is colder than a well-diggers knee! Or a witches tit on a broom - don't know if I'm getting these right. Tomorrow will be a heat wave - 24! What a winter! xxoo

Peggy Beck said...

You are so cute Kerri. I love this post and Max has the right idea. Stay indoors and snooze.
Today will be warmer but more snow on the way so just hold tight. 8 more weeks and we'll start to feel some heat.