Monday, January 26, 2009

Gratitude today, for:

Avery's continued progress (next stop will be home, hopefully this week!)
A new cd - Zac Brown Band (Chicken Fried - I love that song!)
Pic from my friend Marilyn's 60th birthday party (see here)
Lingerie sale at Macys - $9.99 bras - that's only $5 a cup!!
White broccoli lasagna, friends & family (for dinner tonight)
...and so many things too numerous to list. I am wealthy, blessed.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A visit with "Cutes"...

My niece Avery continues to make great progress, and we are very hopeful that she'll be out of the cardiac ICU this week and in a regular room, which is the next step before she (and her parents) gets to go home.

I visited with my dad & sister Jennifer this weekend, and we were thrilled to see her REAL personality, which has been subdued by the slow healing process until now...and subdued is not an adjective that would normally describe Avery -- even when she's sleeping.

Fortunately, the Avery we saw was mischievous, cute, giggly, short-tempered, funny, thirsty, amused, affectionate, determined, sarcastic, thoughtful, demanding, dramatic, feisty, bossy, and adorable, to name just a few. (Oh, and amazing. Really. And I'm not just saying that because I'm her aunt.)

Friday, January 09, 2009

Just art!

Here's a journal page exercise that I created about a month ago when I got together with my friends Laura and Marilyn. Laura "prompted" us to cut out magazine faces and then have fun doodling around them.

I am off to visit my niece at Children's Hospital (Boston) this weekend, so this post is brief.

Thank you all for your caring and inspiring comments. Your words are a source of strength and comfort and sheer joy!!

Friday, January 02, 2009

This year.

Pick one word.

Another year. gone.
Along with 35 extra pounds.
And one husband. (and his recliner).
And a heap of emotional baggage.

I only accomplished goal number one on my list of 7 from last year, but somehow I still feel as though I achieved a great deal -- perhaps because goal number one was such a big one:

To be healthy and strong- both mentally and physically.That was it.

And I am.
Words are powerful. Declarations. Goals. Intentions.Whatever you call them, when you say them, or write them down with conviction, and take the slightest step toward them, they materialize.

With that said, my big goal for this year is to get my financial house in order. My house. My last name (Stabile, by the way). My life.
Last year, I discovered the blog of Christine Kane, who suggested picking just one word as your touchstone for the year. I did make a list of goals as well, but I liked the simplicity of just one word and how it could be so powerful in guiding one's intentions. Last year, I chose the word health. And it worked.

My word for this year is WEALTH. I am not just referring to financial wealth, although right now that would be refreshing -- but wealth as it relates to friends, neighbors, love, family, opportunity, and abundance...not just money but the real richness of life. But if I am to be completely honest, then also money, as it relates to security and the ability live a richer, fuller life.

Beyond that, I will also revisit some of the other goals I listed last year.

(Atwork featured are sections of two acrylic and mixed media paintings in progress.)