Thursday, January 21, 2010

A digitally altered painting...


Just a little Photoshop fun - wide swings of color balance, a little typography, and some transparent layers. Here was the original painting, in greens and yellows, and below is the altered version.

Friday, January 08, 2010

The beginning is half of every action.

That was in a fortune cookie I had this week, and I think it's pretty accurate. So just begin. And the momentum will propel the next steps.

Speaking of which, I made 30 "have a dream" cards. If beginning is half of every action, I should be well on my way. So why does mailing them always seem like such a chore?

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Look what I just bought...

While surfing for some fun new ideas to incorporate into our Art Journal workshop in February, I found these totally cool Japanese washi masking tapes, and my head almost exploded with ideas for using them. The company I ordered from is Ginko Papers. In addition to a wide array of colorful patterned tapes, they have a unique assortment of stationery items and Japanese gifts. And moments after placing my order, I received a personal email from the owner of the company, thanking me and confirming the shipment. I ordered these two colors, along with pink and blue.

Here are a few of the ways that I plan to use them:
* on gifts, like self-stick ribbon
* to decorate the top of a plain brown bag
* for greeting card mosaics
* for art journal borders & bindings
* for attaching things in my journals
* to label things
* as gift tags
* for sunbathing (ha ha!)
* to decorate my dog (or maybe just his collar)
* to share with journal class participants
* to make crafts with Avery
* to make the world a brighter place -- Okay, that's a little gay, but shouldn't all masking tape look like this, rather than plain?? If you were masking tape, wouldn't you want to be this kind?

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Have a dream...

I used to love to make and send Christmas cards. For years, decades even, I would plan my cards well in advance of the holidays, with plenty of time to make fifty or more for friends and relatives. I enjoyed the process, and it never felt like an obligation.

In recent years, however, the holidays seem one moment to be ages away, and then BAM!!!, they're over, and with them, so are all of my good intentions to make cards, cook, bake, and find little ways to say thanks and show appreciation for my friends and relatives.

But I've discovered that I love the first weeks of a new year - ALL THAT PROMISE!!- 365 new days to do more and better than before. And of course, to drop the ball way before it drops in Times Square (but that's no doubt a future post). With the holidays behind me, all of a sudden I have time again.

So I started last night. I didn't even know what I was starting. I had bought a few discontinued fabric swatch books in the fall, and the colors and textures have been calling to me. So I began cutting. Hearts. I know. More hearts. But I love them. And they're not done with me yet. And the obvious choice with all these hearts would be to send Valentines, but I'm thinking that I may take inspiration from Martin Luther King, and send Have a Dream cards.

Just a little reminder to listen to your heart.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Fantastic Fabriano Art Journal Workshop I & II

That's the name of the next workshop Marilyn and I will be teaching. See my sidebar at the right for details. It's a two-part workshop (nine hours total)that is jam-packed with techniques for art-journal enthusiasts or anyone who wants to know what art journaling is all about.

Pssst....Participants will also get one of these limited edition notebooks featuring an art print by me or Marilyn on the cover!! Great to use as an idea book or gratitude journal or a super-fancy grocery list!!