Thursday, January 07, 2010

Look what I just bought...

While surfing for some fun new ideas to incorporate into our Art Journal workshop in February, I found these totally cool Japanese washi masking tapes, and my head almost exploded with ideas for using them. The company I ordered from is Ginko Papers. In addition to a wide array of colorful patterned tapes, they have a unique assortment of stationery items and Japanese gifts. And moments after placing my order, I received a personal email from the owner of the company, thanking me and confirming the shipment. I ordered these two colors, along with pink and blue.

Here are a few of the ways that I plan to use them:
* on gifts, like self-stick ribbon
* to decorate the top of a plain brown bag
* for greeting card mosaics
* for art journal borders & bindings
* for attaching things in my journals
* to label things
* as gift tags
* for sunbathing (ha ha!)
* to decorate my dog (or maybe just his collar)
* to share with journal class participants
* to make crafts with Avery
* to make the world a brighter place -- Okay, that's a little gay, but shouldn't all masking tape look like this, rather than plain?? If you were masking tape, wouldn't you want to be this kind?


Marilyn Rock said...

kick #$@%^! AWESOME! XXOO

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have to agree these are super adorable for masking tape. I was making fun of you but, I would actually sun bath in these colors.

xoxo Jesse

Anonymous said...

Just noticed your new photo .... LOVE IT!!! The photo of Cutes and Fred is GREAT too!!


Createology said...

I love your new BELIEVE banner! And your new look great and Avery is so "cutes!" I have seen these fun masking tapes but not gotten any yet. Looking forward to seeing how you apply them.

Madoka said...

I am in love with these beautiful tapes. I can use it everywhere and anywhere. I got my from Etsy, a store called "littlehappythings1". They are new, but their price is reasonable and the owner is very sweet to deal with. If anyone is interested, you can check here:
They are going to have more tapes to come, I can't wait to go back and buy more!

Anonymous said...

My favorite still and honest with no hidden shipping cost. Would love to buy everything: