Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Time capsule.

I am discovering some wonderful artifacts in my new job.  Even though our department moved to a new building just a few short years ago, it seems to be tradition among designers (like artists) to save virtually every book and piece of paper that crosses our paths.
This is clearly the case here, as the cupboards and cabinets are a museum of graphic design books dating from my favorite graphic design era – the 70s. While absolutely none of these are really helpful to me in my day to day job, the pages transported me to a groovier time and place for sure. Here’s a peek…

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Valentine’s day. A retrospective.

It is only February and I am falling short of my own intentions. Among them, to blog more.  If I could say I was incredibly busy doing amazing and creative things, I would forgive myself. But this long, cold, cold, snowy, cold, miserable (did I mention cold), winter had me in a funk. So I am blogging about Valentine’s day now that my hands have thawed.
In spite of my funk, I am not among the many (based on social media rants) who hate Valentine’s Day. I love it. Not just in the romantic sense, although I feel fortunate to have that (with a liberal definition of the word romantic - and sense), but the whole shebang. 
As will come as no surprise to my regular readers, I love hearts, for starters. And the color red. And the color pink. I also love flowers, and chocolate, and dining out. And I love the opportunity to surprise a friend with a little valentine that tells them I appreciate them -- Surprise, my friends – they are still sitting on my art table, undelivered. But unlike a Christmas card in January, I think A valentine in March (or May) is just fine. Right?
Now that I’ve dragged myself out of the winter doldrums, I AM busy sketching again these days, and I DO have a new class in the works (these are totally unrelated, by the way). I will have photos and sign up info by the weekend, so stay tuned. … Peace and love, friends.