Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Valentine’s day. A retrospective.

It is only February and I am falling short of my own intentions. Among them, to blog more.  If I could say I was incredibly busy doing amazing and creative things, I would forgive myself. But this long, cold, cold, snowy, cold, miserable (did I mention cold), winter had me in a funk. So I am blogging about Valentine’s day now that my hands have thawed.
In spite of my funk, I am not among the many (based on social media rants) who hate Valentine’s Day. I love it. Not just in the romantic sense, although I feel fortunate to have that (with a liberal definition of the word romantic - and sense), but the whole shebang. 
As will come as no surprise to my regular readers, I love hearts, for starters. And the color red. And the color pink. I also love flowers, and chocolate, and dining out. And I love the opportunity to surprise a friend with a little valentine that tells them I appreciate them -- Surprise, my friends – they are still sitting on my art table, undelivered. But unlike a Christmas card in January, I think A valentine in March (or May) is just fine. Right?
Now that I’ve dragged myself out of the winter doldrums, I AM busy sketching again these days, and I DO have a new class in the works (these are totally unrelated, by the way). I will have photos and sign up info by the weekend, so stay tuned. … Peace and love, friends.


Marilyn J. Rock said...

This has been a very challenging winter, Kerri, even for me, who usually, doesn't mind it. I've had enough of wind and wind chills, not to mention the amount of snow.

I enjoyed your post and look forward to your class details.

Love ya - M xo

Createology said...

I am so happy to see you post. I completely understand Winter Funk. I normally just want to hibernate Winter away but this year no Winter for us...yet. I believe Hearts are eternal and for any day of the year! Warm Loving Hugs Dear...

fran pascazio said...

Winter funk is saying it nicely! I'm just tired of being cold and tired!!! Just when we THINK it's over and have a mild day in the 30's it turns right around and we get more days of cold, cold, cold - and I never mind winter! That being said,on to my next rant. i'm not a fan of Valentine's day but when I see it through your words I see it in a different perspective - thanks for that. Your post is wonderful and I'm waiting on the class info…good wishes and keep wearing that coat a few more weeks!!! On a happy note, daylight savings time is on March 7th!

fran pascazio said...

Sorry….daylight savings is March 9th not the 7th…brain freeze!!!!