Thursday, May 26, 2011


Lately, I've been thinking a lot about my art, my life, my blog, and all the aspects of creative expression that I try to juggle. At the risk of repeating myself, (because after 5 years of blog posts, it's pretty likely), I am observing a regular ebb and flow to all that I do. Sometimes the ideas flow like water, easily and clearly. And at other times, they seem just beyond my grasp. Some days are simple and relaxed, while others seem frantic and crazy, but when I step back and take a look at the whole of it, there's a pattern that makes sense to me.
Ironically, I sometimes panic a little over the fact there is nothing to panic over. Does that make any sense? My days are not always perfect, but my life fits me lately in a way that it never has before. And I am so unaccustomed to this feeling. It is uncomfortable to feel comfortable...but what a great dilemma to have.
Wow -- I was about to follow that last paragraph with the admission that I have strayed from my "one word" intention this year, because I couldn't even remember what it was, so I just looked it up from my end of Dec. blog post, and it was the word "authentic." How crazy is that? Even without consciously thinking of this word, it has been working for me all this time.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Just a quick Avery update...

Avery turned 7 in April, and she's now on her first sports team -- the teams are all named after the major leagues, and it was a total coincidence that she ended up on the Red Sox. As one of the last kids to sign up, it was a real fluke.

Like so many families in the Northeast, we have a Red Sox/Yankees rivalry among our clan -- in fact, last year, Avery told her parents (diehard Sox fans) that she was Yankee fan -- in spite of the fact that Red Sox manager Terry Francona had paid Avery at least two personal visits while she was at Children's waiting for her transplant. She even knew Yankee Manager Joe Girardi by name.

It will be interesting to see where her loyalties lie now that she's playing for the Sox mini minors!!

(And ironically, her glove is a Rawlings Derek Jeter -- it was the only one they could get locally, in the Boston area, by the time she signed up to play)

I also asked my sister if any of the teams was named after the Yankees and she responded "Of course not! No one would let their kids play on that team here!!"

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


This cautionary graphic was on the protective bag that my new laptop came in.
I don't know why human stupidity strikes me as so funny, but since we're exposed to so much of it, I suppose it's good to find humor in it. Now, I know this is cautioning me not to leave this where my baby might find it and put it over his head and suffocate, (DUH!!), but since a picture is worth a thousand words, I amused myself coming up with some other possible cautionary notes, just in case I was wrong with my first guess:

It could mean --

No square-headed babies!, or
Don't let you baby crawl around with a laptop on her head!, or maybe,
Don't let your square-headed baby use the laptop in this bag!, or
If you find yourself in this position with a bag on your head, you are in no condition to be using a laptop.

Other possibilities???