Sunday, December 16, 2012

sketch 33 - face


My heart goes out to the families of Newtown, CT

This is going to be the last sketch I post for awhile. I am continuing to create new sketches daily, and I have plans for them, so you will see them again! Happy Holidays, my friends. I plan to continue blogging & sharing thoughts, humor and observations as time allows. Peace.

Friday, December 14, 2012

sketch 32 - face

the key

 "don't put the key to your happiness in someone else's pocket." I just saw this quote on pinterest this morning and it was an apt reminder. i have a day off to shop and enjoy the company of good friends for lunch. i hope you take the time during this hectic season to find what makes you happy, and do it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

sketch 30 - face


I like words that have more than one meaning, like present. Either way, it is a gift. To be present, and in the moment, is a gift to those with whom you spend your time, as well as a gift to yourself.
I have to confess, I am not always present. My mind wanders. A lot. And it's not age. I was labeled a daydreamer by all of my teachers in school, from first grade on. I have probably blogged about this before. In the comments section of every report card, my teachers would note that I was a decent student, but I could excel if I would only spend as much time paying attention as looking out windows. Perhaps if they were more entertaining, I would have. Our interest focuses on things that grab our attention, or things for which we have a natural aptitude. We're lucky if we find something that we love AND that we're good at. I like to think I have found that with my art, and I want to show my gratitude to the universe every day, by showing up.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Sketch 26 - face

be a light

I am woefully underprepared for this holiday season, and yet, also rather unconcerned today. I am sure that a panic attack is right around the corner. Is it bad form to send everyone a link to my blog and post a digital Christmas card? Just kidding. I think this is dreadful, but at the rate I am going, this may be my only option.
Off to run errands, shop, walk Max, and then celebrate the season with friends. All is well. I will panic tomorrow!!

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Sketch 25 - face -- and Word up for 2013

As some of you may know, my new year's resolution takes the form of a single word for the year rather than a declaration or list of goals. I swear by the power of a single word to transform my year. I think the main reason it works is its simplicity. It is easy for the mind to hold a single word and put energy behind it, and with energy, comes action and positive change.

I've been doing this for at least five years, and my life continues in a direction that reflects -- more and more -- who I am and what I need.

For 2012, my word of intention was power --my own personal definition of power -- which encompasses choice, and freedom, and financial security, to name a few. Even when I struggled through times in which I felt like the opposite was actually at work in my life, I just reminded myself of my word, and my circumstances began to fall into place. I have learned to just focus occasionally on my chosen word, and let it do the rest.
My word for 2013 has been in the wings for a couple of months already. I have been working for the past 25 days to put it into practice early. My word is discipline. I've read a number of articles this year written by artists and other successful creative professionals, and almost all of them name discipline as a key component in their success. And then this quote landed in my in-box a few weeks ago...

Seek freedom and become captive of your desires.
Seek discipline and find your liberty.
-- Frank Herbert (author, Dune)

So sometimes, you don't even have to choose a word. It chooses you.

holiday sweet

sketch 24 of 365 - face

book of love


Wednesday, December 05, 2012

sketch 23 of 365 - face

I saw a funny Facebook post recently about all of the electronic gadgets that kids have these days, and it ended with the comment "we had just one thing to play with as kids - it was called - "outside."

Growing up in a very small town in the late 60s and early 70s, that was pretty true.  I have winter memories of walking through the woods to Manning's Pond, which was essentially a small patch of frozen water beyond the local golf course. This was way back before the days of protective helmets and hovering parents.

Our method of testing to be sure the pond was frozen was to send the chubbiest of our friends across the water first. If he stayed up and the ice didn't  crack, we were good to go. (Is it too late to apologize for that, Victor?)

There were no triple Salchows or triple axels out there in the woods. We were lucky just to stay upright with the bumps & sticks embedded into the icy surface, but we felt adventurous and we would end our chilly trek at one or another's house with hot cocoa and mittens drying on radiators.

off to manning's pond

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

sketch 22 of 365 - face


More than a decade ago, my sisters and I used to get together annually for a weekend before the holidays to bake up baskets of breads, and cookies and sweets of all kinds to share with friends and relatives. It was ridiculously inefficient, with three women in one kitchen, sharing a single oven for a very long day that left us absolutely exhausted. Some of our baked treats were delicious, and some were quite awful -- like the very cute gingerbread men that were missing a key ingredient - sugar.

But like so many traditions, it was as much about spending time together as it was about the end result. I remember laughing all day, both at and with one another. And although our busy lives have made "sister baking day" a thing of the past, we made as many memories as cookies, and we'll savor them forever.

Monday, December 03, 2012

sketch 21 of 365 - face

peace on earth

Busy week ahead, so I thought beginning with peace would be a good thing. I wish you all a peaceful and magical holiday season.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

sketch 20 of 365- face

In addition to posting my 20th sketch in a row, I just noticed that this is my 500th blog post since I began blogging in 2006. Some bloggers offer gifts to readers, and I love this concept, but I have proven to be absolutely lousy at following through on anything that involves getting a package in the mail, so I will just offer my gratitude that anyone out there ever visits!

I really am grateful for this avenue of sharing art, ideas, and friendship, and this is an illustration of my gratitude... (which is funny because I drew it before I knew that this was my 500th post or what I would say today)...

this much

Saturday, December 01, 2012

sketch 19 of 365 - face

Happy December! The first morning of this month greeted those of us in upstate NY with chilly temperatures and a blanket of snow on the ground. Just enough to paint the perfect holiday picture outdoors, which inspired this illustation indoors, from my cozy sofa...