Wednesday, December 12, 2012

sketch 30 - face


I like words that have more than one meaning, like present. Either way, it is a gift. To be present, and in the moment, is a gift to those with whom you spend your time, as well as a gift to yourself.
I have to confess, I am not always present. My mind wanders. A lot. And it's not age. I was labeled a daydreamer by all of my teachers in school, from first grade on. I have probably blogged about this before. In the comments section of every report card, my teachers would note that I was a decent student, but I could excel if I would only spend as much time paying attention as looking out windows. Perhaps if they were more entertaining, I would have. Our interest focuses on things that grab our attention, or things for which we have a natural aptitude. We're lucky if we find something that we love AND that we're good at. I like to think I have found that with my art, and I want to show my gratitude to the universe every day, by showing up.


Marilyn Rock said...

I, for one, thank you for your "presents"! xxoo

Createology said...

Ah yes...being present in the moment. I am too often noted to be less than focused. So I am trying to be in the present. I am enjoying your presents of these precious drawings. Thank you dear...