Tuesday, December 04, 2012

sketch 22 of 365 - face


More than a decade ago, my sisters and I used to get together annually for a weekend before the holidays to bake up baskets of breads, and cookies and sweets of all kinds to share with friends and relatives. It was ridiculously inefficient, with three women in one kitchen, sharing a single oven for a very long day that left us absolutely exhausted. Some of our baked treats were delicious, and some were quite awful -- like the very cute gingerbread men that were missing a key ingredient - sugar.

But like so many traditions, it was as much about spending time together as it was about the end result. I remember laughing all day, both at and with one another. And although our busy lives have made "sister baking day" a thing of the past, we made as many memories as cookies, and we'll savor them forever.


Createology said...

Those "sister baking day" memories will last forever. It looks like this precious girl has baked some cookies for us. Holiday Bliss Dear...

fran p. said...

love, love ,love this girl! she comes at a very appropriate time! Friday is my cookie exchange where 20 gals get together with the sole purpose of giving and receiving christmas cookies!

by the way, my sister and I used to get together and bake, too! it's sad that some of those holiday traditions fell by the wayside!!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Wonderful "cookie gal" here Kerri. It's really neat - I can actually see you in these expressions on your gals. I just adore them all!

I used to get together, years ago, with a childhood friend and we would bake cookies. One time I decided to hand paint them all and bring to my son's classroom (he was quite young). If I did it now - he'd be totally embarrassed :) I dropped them coming out of my car - well needless to say - that was the end of my cooking baking days.

Maybe if I used Gesso or Joint Compound on them, it wouldn't have happened! xxoo