Saturday, December 03, 2011

All I want for Christmas is more time, Santa...

I am learning, as I grow (older), to take (my) time. Even in December, when the rush to get so much done in so little time looms, I no longer give in to the craziness. To be honest, I can't do it and still feel charitable toward humanity. I love people(some of them), but I hate crowds of holiday shoppers)(and general mall rats), and while I used to be able to shrug it off, I realize I don't shrug so easily anymore, so I try not to subject myself to more than my fragile (peri-menopausal) state can handle.

I should add that I am incredibly lucky (fortunate & grateful), to have a job and a life that allows me some time to take time... but even if you don't think you have any at all, you need to find some -- or make some...we offer our best selves to others when we take time for ourselves first. This is not selfish in my opinion, it's just fact. (and it's also just awesome!)

So that's my opener to what I did today... I visited the most amazing visual delight
within at least a hundred miles of my home (even though it's 10 miles away). and that is Artifacts Store...and open house (literally) the Cunningham house, open, for the holidays, along with their
store, which happens to be next door. I cannot begin to describe how magical this place and all its treasures is all year long, but particularly during the holidays. Here are just a few glimpses of my treasures. The first photo is of a sign that now sits above the "art door" in my dining room.

Beth Cunningham and her "holiday helpers" adorn the bags with bells and ribbon, there are guest artists and artisans in her "open house" with one-of-a-kind wares, and the ride to Melrose on a cold, clear December day is a total indulgence.