Monday, May 07, 2012

Had time for a quick painting this weekend! Fun girl 8 x 10 mixed media acrylic & collage on canvas

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I am still here...sort of!

Sorry for the extended hiatus folks. -- Hiatus is Latin for "I've been wasting so much time on Facebook that I don't have time to blog anymore." That, and work has been insanely a very good way, I should add. Lots of challenging design projects and a new boss who is so clever that he makes a person want to work hard and do well, all the time. He is a very clever bastard (yes, you Bernie). I see that my last post was on March 8...and in that time, Blogger has re-arranged everything. Not impossible to figure out, but wow. You can't get away with slacking off. Technology leaves you in the dust so fast. Although I feel like I have been incredibly industrious and creative during this blogging break (when I am not on FB), most of it has been work and home-related, so I don't have a thing to show and tell right now. Has this incredibly dull post managed to lull you to sleep yet? Reminds me of one of my favorite posters:
Coming soon: New paintings (do my dining room and hallway count? That's what I've been painting); and a post about the power of curiosity...if I could only quell my curiosity for FB long enough to finish writing it. Thank you for stopping by. I am truly grateful that anyone bothers to read anything I write. Peace.