Thursday, March 22, 2007

Day 21-Art Every Day (almost) - My friend is a grubby wench

Lather on some Grubby Wench mandarin spice soap -- or perhaps my favorite -- lemongrass & ginger -- while singing English pub songs, and you too could be a Grubby Wench...

But seriously, the purpose of today's blog is to promote my friend Alison's new handmade soap company - Grubby Wench Soap. Though she's lived in this country for more than 20 years, Ali hails from Margate, Kent, England, and she makes the most wonderful handmade soaps which I've ever slathered all over my stinky bod. (She's also a fabulous cook and an amazing gardener, talents which influence her soap-making.)

I recently helped her to develop Grubby Wench's identity system - logo, letterhead, business cards, etc., and in return, she gave me a basket soaps so fragrant and delicious I'm tempted to take a bite. A self-taught "soap star," Ali uses essential oils and all natural ingredients in her soaps, and given her talent as a cook, she is brilliant at combining fragrance and spice, as well as health-promoting qualities. She also blends scrumptious bath salts that can be used in the tub or as a soothing foot soak.

So indulge yourself, treat a friend or consider using these marvelous soaps as favors for your next shower or wedding.
For information or to order some, contact Ali at for more information.

(Her prices are extremely reasonable too!)

Footnote: She will be setting up her blog next week and I will post a link so that you can visit and learn more!!


Liz Ness said...

AWESOME identity/branding! Love it and you've done a great job selling here, too. I WILL SO BE BACK (well, to find out her blog's handle and to visit your blog)!

Laura said...

Great label, Kerri! I'm anxious to see her blog and order some soap!