Monday, March 19, 2007

Day 18 - Art every day - a charming art swap!

I was invited by one of my talented artist friends (Laura) to make 15 charms for a swap, and here they are. (My art for the day!) Since I have been wanting to learn how to solder jewelry for some time now, I decided to challenge myself with this project... and what a challenge it was!! Only one burned finger and 15 charms later, I am actually feeling confident about my skill level now. I will confess that I did not feel like I was getting the hang of it until charm number 9, so I apologize to the first 8 recipients. They have a rather primitive look to them, but I am confident that it will get better as I continue to practice. I will be teaching a class at Art Connection in the spring - called Home Sweet Soldered Home, in which we will make soldered house shaped pendants, so I will be getting a lot more practice.

These charms are two-sided, so I am posting pictures of both the fronts and backs. Because I knew that the bulk of my time would be spent taping and learning to solder, I did not have time to devote to new original art for the charms, so these all contain color photocopies of fragments of my art journals. Each charm has a jump ring soldered to the top, in which I tied a piece of ribbon. I really hate making two of the same thing, so I used different journal fragments for each charm. Once the swap is over at the end of March, all participants will receive 15 charms in return - one of their own, plus one of each group submitted. I cannot wait for that packet to arrive in the mail!!!

Like every new artistic venture, this one came with it's own list of necessary materials: soldering iron, lead free solder, liquid flux, copper tape, glass slides, and a soldering jig are among the most crucial. Flux remover, soldering polish, burn cream and soldering patina are some other materials I may have to invest in as I continue to experiment with this technique.


DEW said...

What HAVE you been griping about? These are LOVELY! I need to beat your inner critic or you or both! I love the idea of using fragments of your journal pages - way too fun!!

Anonymous said...

These are so cool! My aunt used to make stained glass everything. I have a necklace (with a four leaf clover I found pressed btwn the glass) and your charms reminded me of it. Love the charm idea and I think you DO have the hang it! =)

Marilyn said...

fabulous soldered charms Kerri! Hmmmmmmmm; now I'm going to be a recipient of one of those babies! YEAH!!!!!! Really - they are awesome. Love, Marilyn PS I also enjoyed your post on your friend's soap! Great logo, too! There truly isn't anything you cannot do!