Friday, March 16, 2007

Day 15 - Art every day

Today, I spent some quality art time with my pal Debbie, until the impending Noreaster arrived and I had to cut my day a little short. We had a great time playing in Photoshop, eating our favorite soft tacos, thanks to her husband Len, watching Claudine's new beeswax collage DVD (excellent!!!!) and making art!!! So this piece I made yesterday, knowing that I would not finish anything else to post today. Tomorrow I may do a tribute to snow. (NOT!!)

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DEW said...

Yo Girl Friend! Had FAB time! I played with Photoshop and finished my backing card for the charms. Thank you SOO much for all the tips. It really help to have you co-pilot! I feel more confident now and not a timid to just play with it. I ended up with something I really liked but have no idea how I did it! I had to play with the colors since the color on the screen is very different from my cheapo color laser printer but I finally got it to work. It was pretty cool when I had all 15 lined up on the cards to pack. Fun. I also used all my "extra" test images (15 in all) and made them into cards. I used one and put "Eye Thank You" as a thank you to Laura for doing the swap. You have created a MONSTER!! I'm having lots of fun refining these guys into something more than they are. PS - I got side tracked and didn't get the book of techniques and the oil pastels into your bag. UGH! Thanks again! XOX