Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Day 20 - The cyberdog ate my homework!!!

My apologies about my daily art post!! I e-mailed home a posting from work, and it never got here. I can't post from work, so I frequently send home my images. I will try to post two items on Thursday!!

Instead I am posting an Easter photo, circa 1972. That's my Aunt Eileen on the right. I am in the back row left,, with my sisters Cheryl and Jennifer in age order in front of me. On the right is my cousin Susan, with my cousins Bonnie and Frankie in front of her. We are standing on the front steps of my house, where we posed every Easter for a photo before a whole day of food, family, and fun. These are the cousins with whom we had a reunion gathering in December. Other than my cousin Susan, who lives in Texas, we are all still in the northeast, but our lives are busy with work and family, so we don't get together as often as we'd like. Back then, we lived in houses next door to one another (our fathers are twin brothers), and we wore a path in the lawns between our homes.


Liz Ness said...

TOO CUTE! I thought it was much older ... did we really wear stuff like that? Oh, yeah, we did (heh-heh). Seriously, I love the photo it really captures a lot!

Jesse said...


I tried to post a comment about 2 days ago from Frankie's computer and it did not go through. I love these pictures. The Easter pictures are some of my favorites. I am currently searching for a similar dress for this Easter. It looks so comfortable. Please what ever you do, do not post the picture of me in that purple cap.
Lil Sisser