Monday, January 01, 2007

525,600 minutes...

How do YOU measure a year?

630 walks with Max
72 classes and workshops taught
125 trips to the grocery store
65 bottles of wine
2555 hours asleep (about 365 hours too little)
60 Chinese take out meals
52 "martini nights" with my husband
200 hours commuting in my car
35 hours in my garden
2,500 hours on the computer
40 hours blogging
200 hours visiting friends and family

525,600 moments so dear

As I tried to honestly estimate how many hours I spend doing things, it was quite an awakening of how I spend my time... I hope to make some adjustments to the quality vs. quantity this year. Happy New Year everyone!!


Jesse said...

Happy New Year sisser!!! I was a little concerned about only 65 bottles of wine until I noticed 52 hours of drinking martinis. I also thought your chinese count was a bit low. (60 hours)

in daylights in midnights in moonlights and cups of coffee how do you measure, meausure a year.
525,600 minutes.......... xoxo

nancy bea said...

Hi Kerri, please increase your blogging hours this year! Your fan, Nancy Bea

Liz Ness said...

What an awesome list -- I've never thought to look back like that. Cool! Also, love your art!