Wednesday, January 24, 2007

House of Collage

In yesterday's blog, I mentioned my symbolic alphabet. House shapes are among the symbols that have been finding their way into my art for quite a few years. Having a home of my own is very important to me. My husband and I did not purchase our first home until 2003, so home ownership is still new to me, and having rented for 17 years, I appreciate every moment of having our own space. I am sure that this is why I am drawn to the house shape as an icon - it represents freedom (to paint, to plant, to make noise); it represents security, warmth and family - all things that are important to me.

So this house is a class that I am teaching at Stampassion in February. If you live in upstate New York, I'd love to have you in my House of Collage class. We'll be cutting the house covers from foam core, and assembling, painting and collaging an accordian book that can hold your own "house" story. Even if houses are not among the icons in your own symbolic alphabet, the techniques can be applied to the icon of your choice.


Marilyn Rock said...


I love your House of Collage as I do all of your artistic expressions.

Your transfer on fabric is amazing with your framed fringe and wings.

Love the concept of the symbolic alphabet.

DEW said...

I saw your samples at the store yesterday and they are just beautiful! These pictures do not do them justice! I hope I can make your class!! XOX D

Laura Jones said...

Houses are 1 of my favorite icons, too, Kerri. I signed up for this class before I even saw the sample. Then I saw the sample and got REALLY excited!