Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My "Ta Da" list...

Do you ever feel like you're perpetually busy, completely rushed, and yet, at the end of a week or a month, you haven't gotten anything done? I don't just mean my job, and the daily chores that are unavoidable, but the other stuff, the stuff that life is made of, the stuff that gives us joy and fills the well. For me that other stuff is art - making art, teaching art, writing, experimenting with new techniques, exploring new ideas, and spending time with like-minded friends.

During my last coaching sessions, I expressed this sentiment to my coach, and she pointed out that my perception was inaccurate, and that I actually did get a lot done, but unlike my endless "to do" lists, which sometimes weigh me down with their enormity, I never keep any kind of list of things once they're done - and this is the list I really need - to help me see where I'm going and how I actually spend my time. It's not just a way of patting myself on the back, although there's nothing wrong with that, especially since I do my share of beating myself up. It's also a way of seeing how I spend my time, so I can better prioritize. When I look back at the month, I can see how much time I devoted to what is important - and what is NOT important...and if I'm spending more time on things that are not important to me, I can do it differently next time.

Of course, the hard part is doing less of something you enjoy to make room for something you enjoy more. The word "no" is almost universal, and yet it is the most difficult word for many of us to say. (My dog would argue that point if he could talk.)

So instead of a "to do" list, this is my "ta da" list for the month of January -- as in "Ta da, this is what I managed to get done this month!!" I encourage everyone to make a list, or take note in some way, of all the good stuff. What are some of the things on your list this month?

Ta Da!!!!!, This month I...
gave blood
planned & taught Tranz-it demo at Art Connection
planned & taught new class at Art Connection
planned & taught new class (twice) at Stampassion
planned & taught new class at the senior center
spent a day making art with my friend Debbie
made a list of new domain names for our website (see this blog to vote on which one you like best!)
spent some time "filling the well" at Borders books, the library and Ace Hardware (yes, I love the hardware store for artistic inspiration - more on that later)
participated in two ATC swaps
completed 3 freelance design projects
designed a logo for friend's soap business
posted 11 blog entries
quit my two-a-day diet pepsi habit
started exercising again!
...and of course the usual full-time job, daily dog walks, laundry, groceries, house cleaning, etc., etc.



n.b. said...

I like your Ta-Da list! You certainly did a ton last month now that you stopped to think about it. Hey, I have that same two-a-day diet pepsi addiction. No plans to give it up as yet, but you go girl!

Liz Ness said...

BRAVO! I love this idea! You coach rocks and so do you!

Laura said...

Kerri - What a fantastic idea! This is going to be a new monthly page in my art journal. Thanks!

Bejeweled said...

What a great idea! And what a rich and full list! This looks like a wonderful exercise to try.