Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My symbolic alphabet...

While visiting one of my recent favorite blogs , she used a term I hadn't heard before but with which I immediately identified -a symbolic alphabet - those items, symbols, colors, images, etc. that keep finding their way into our artwork. Some may stay with us for years - or forever - and some will come and go with changes in our selves and our lives as they are reflected in our art.

My symbolic alphabet includes:

dark & mossy shades of green & dark red
shades of orange and pink together
women with wings
butterflies and dragonflies
birds and nests and eggs
buttons (particularly mother of pearl)
heart shapes
house shapes
old sheet music
tin shapes
bits of muslin
doors and hiding places
printed words
natural elements (sticks, rocks, pine cones etc)
digital photography

These are all symbols that I use to tell stories with images rather than just words. These ATCs that I made for a friend include winged "faeries" which are a recent favorite of mine.

Tell me some of the symbols with which you find yourself drawn. What do they mean to you?

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DEW said...

These are just beautiful Kerri! Just love the use of fabric and trims! Very lovely!!