Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Studio Friday - on Tuesday... Look who I found

I love to discover new artists and often find them through other people's mention of them. So, introduce us, in words and/or pictures, to an artist, craftsperson, or writer you admire and that we might not have heard of before (i.e. not a famous one). What do you like about their work? How does it inspire your own work?" - Janet
I could publish a rather long list in this category, but I'm going to mention just one whose work I just purchased and was so pleased that I want to give her star billing. Her name is Luann Udell, and her company is called Durable Goods. She's a jewelry and fiber artist who also writes an incredibly informative blog that focuses on the business of being a working artist. I actually wrote about Luann in a previous blog, right after she mailed my order, so I am repeating myself here, but her work and her business ethics are so good that I wanted to mention her again.

She works in polymer clay, but makes it to look like fossilized bone and stone. It is truly amazing. When I see her work, either in pictures or in person (in the gift I bought for my friend), it inspires me to work with warm rich colors and textures, and to combine things like paper, fabric and beads.

If you have the opportunity to do business with Luann, you will not be disappointed.

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DEW said...

Luann really rocks! I was the lucky friend who received the pair of her earrings and I LOVE them! The whole experience was wonderful. Kerri had an older address for me. Luann must have checked it out because she called the only number for us (which is the barn) and asked Leanne our actual address. Leanne said she was super nice on the phone. I received my earrings in two days and they were incredibly carefully and tastefully packed. Luann is a fabulous artists and top-knotch business woman. She really understands customer service!

Kerri knows how much I love Luann's work and her informative blog so I was so happy she wrote her up. I find Luann's work so amazing. I love horses and have loved the Horses of Lascaux for decades. I also work in polymer clay and do my own version of Native Indian pictograms and petroglyps. She inspires me to take some polymer clay courses to learn techniques! Her work is so amazing!!

Going For Greatness said...

Hey Kerri!
wow you are right, I checked out her site and her blog and WHOA!!It's amazing that she can convince the clay to cooperate with her like she does!
My best friend is a polymer clay artist too but she doesn't really have much on her site yet. I sent her the websites and told her to check them out.
Great inspiration!!!