Monday, January 22, 2007

Games people play...

That was the theme for the most recent of my Artist Trading Card (ATC) swaps. I had many ideas that incorporated games, but the ones that surfaced had to do with things like head games and deceit, so these cards have an unmistakable dark mood to them. Ilayered transparencies, ink, dictionary pages, and game pieces to mat board to create them.

...and speaking of swaps, I've just been invited by my friend (and talented artist) Laura, to participate in a charm swap that sounds wonderful. No theme, no real rules, just 15 (or so depending on the size of the group) of the same/similar charm, with a jump ring, and we'll all get the same number in return. I think it will make a fabulous necklace when it's done.

...and speaking of jewelry, I ordered a pair of earrings for my friend Debbie, who celebrated a certain milestone birthday, from Luann Udell, of Durable Goods. I cannot expound enough on what a wonderful experience it was to do business with Luann. I sent and email and heard back within the hour. I wanted to mail payment rather than use my already overtaxed credit cards, and she began making the earrings even before my payment arrived. The order arrived even more quickly than I hoped, and she even sent me a postcard and handmade greeting card to thank me for the order... WOW! For any of you who are in the business of handmade artwork or are thinking of it, Luann does it really well. She also has an amazingly informative blog that focuses all about the the business of art, as well as the making of art.

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DEW said...

I can vouch that the earrings are truly beautiful!! I just love them and they came packaged so wonderfully! Thank you SOOOOO much for the gorgeous B-day present! I forgot to show you how they actually closely match my fetish - which is a horse, of course :). Very cool combo! And I LOVE Luuan! Her blog is fantastic. She is so generous with her advice and her work is wonderful!

And I LOVE my ATC card! You picked the very same one for me that I would have! Guess you kinda know me by now.