Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Though it was absolutely treacherous walking my dog the past two mornings, and I'm sure the weight of all that ice is not good for the trees and shrubs, it was a magical sight to behold. I wish I was a better photographer because these images do not capture the amazing beauty that transformed my ordinary shrubs into these fabulous ice sculptures.

I had an amazingly productive weekend, finalizing plans for all my winter classes, and preparing for the demo I'll be teaching tonight at Art Connection - fabric transfers using Judikins Tranz-it transfer medium at the Little Fat Book club meeting. Fun!!


I need orange said...

You were in my yard, taking pics of the cedar and burning bush, and you didn't come in for tea??? :-)

Yesterday I took pics *exactly* like those two of yours. :-)

-- Vicki in Michigan

Liz Ness said...

Awesome photos! I just love this time of year -- seems so surreal!