Thursday, June 01, 2006

Studio Friday's theme: SPACE!!

Note about date: I thought I was being clever by drafting blogs to finish over the weekend, but it apparently uses the draft date, so all of these entries (from Friday through Sunday, are logged for Thursday, but this is actually my Friday, June 2 entry)

This week's topic for Friday June 2nd suggested by Tracie: SPACE?!!.

" Space? The final frontier? I have limited studio space, but not by the mere fact the room is only probably 9x10 but because of all the many things inside of that space! What consumes your creative space? Tell us about those infringements."

Wow, now that's a challenge to find in my studio too, but when I looked up, I discovered lots of space...on the ceiling! So here are my posts... one is of how most of my studio looks at eye level (and most levels)-- every surface covered with art & assorted stuff that will someday be art... and then there is the ceiling - uncharted territory ( far!)
And Debbie is here, so we will be making art soon!!


boliyou said...

Wonderful projects and supplies you have there. I'll be interested to see how the ceiling space is used.

Anke said...

That's whay I'm interested too! How do you involve the ceiling for storage?

Tracie said...

Now that sure is something I never thought about! THE CEILING! I am certain if we could make great use of it, we would!!! Great idea!

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