Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A four-leaf clover!

When I was growing up, once each spring or early summer my dad would go out on our lawn and find a four-leaf clover, pick it, and press it. Because he was able to find one just about every year that I recall, I thought that four-leaf clovers were pretty easy to come by, so I began looking for them myself. Well, it's taken me forty-one years, but I found one on Sunday, right in the middle of my front lawn!! Of course, given the amount of clover that is growing on my lawn, maybe this should not be such a surprise, but I am still excited at my good fortune!


Sisser said...

This is so weird. Robbie actually found one of these today on the side of our house. I came home from work and it was sitting on the counter in a glass of water. I will take a picture and show it to you this weekend. Congrats on your great find!!!!

Sharon said...

Wow! This brought back a happy childhood memory. Finding the yearly four-leaf clover was something my Dad and I did, too. I grew up in "old Saratoga" during the 50's-60's and there was so much grass and open areas to enjoy. The simple things often bring the most pleasure!