Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Catching up!

Kathy's party was wonderful, and the ride up and back with my friend Angela was a total talk-fest. We see each other very infrequently, due to busy lives, so we had much catching up to do. At 60, Kathy is even more energetic and inspiring than I remember her being in the 80s, when we worked together. The group of women who attended the party -about 40 in all- drove and flew from all over the country, a testament to what a special person she is. Angela and I agreed that for both of us, who were very, very young at the time, she opened doors (when she did not have to) and gave us opportunities, even when that meant more work for her. She was also a very fun, cool boss for two young women in their 20's. - FYI- Kathy is the hot chick in the middle!
...As for the party, it began on Friday night, when the first 15 women arrived. On Saturday morning, we counted 16 and a half empty wine bottles. Which may explain why I decided to take so many photos of Caroline's shoes, which, admittedly, were very cool...

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