Thursday, June 08, 2006

Rain & reflection

This is a page from one of my journals that I have digitally re-worked. The original has a small mirror in the center, but the digital version does not illustrate that very well. I like to incorporate mirrors in my art so the viewer becomes a part of the work when he or she looks at it.

I walked Max in the rain again this morning. It has lost its novelty. I long for dry, hot, sunny, summer days. I think that even my plants are getting waterlogged.


tiffinix said...

Oh this is so lovely! I adore the key marked galaxy and all the subtle patterns.

DEW said...

I just LOVE what you are doing with the pages! You are giving them a second life - a very wonderful one! I always loved this page - especially because I used the mirror to my advantage on my facing page!! You were "winging" this one as well - it's fun to see in how much of your art work various wings pop up. I love them!

Waterlogged - yes...I have flower seeds that I believe just rotted in the ground. And we need to brush hog our trails so badly but its too wet to do - the agressive tractor tires would just tear up the ground.