Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saturday morning cartoons

...Today, as I was walking Max at the ungodly hour of 5:05 am,(it's true, I don't even run into God until 6:05) I engaged in one of my favorite dog-walking pastimes -- looking in people's windows... and believe it or not, at about 5:45 am, I saw a TV on. Anyway, it looked like a cartoon - which I could see given the technology of BIG-screen TVs...and it got me thinking about how much I loved Saturday mornings as a kid because it was 'cartoon day.' And then, given that I have no children besides my husband and dog, I kids even have Saturday morning cartoons in the age of 'instant gratification" - like Direct TV, and DVDs and computers.
So, readers, please post a comment to enlighten me, and tell me if your kids sit in their pjs all morning to watch cartoons on Saturday...
Or tell me, (if your kids are grown or like me, you are out of touch with the Saturday morning TV lineup)... what were your favorites?
Mine were: (some are not cartoons, but other cheesy wonderful forms of weekend entertainment) HR Puff n Stuff, Land of the Lost, Scooby Doo, and Schoolhouse Rock, which featured such hits as "Conjunction Junction," "I'm just a bill,"and "Interplanet Janet."

..and for those of you who don't recognize them, those are the "Sleezstack." - terrifying villains of Land of the Lost.


DEW said...

Boy, that was a while ago! I watched Rocky and Bullwinkle and I also loved Peppee La Pew (sp?). Have you seen the "graphic novels" that are spin offs of today's animated "cartoons"? I ran across a huge section of them at Barnes and Noble and I had to buy one because of the delightful artwork. Truly amazing!!

Misty Mawn said...

you are too funny! I like that!
I loved Saturday morning cartoons as a child...the smurfs were #1 on my list. Now my little one LOVE Saturday morning too....Dora has relpaced the smurfs...and it seems to be on a lot later. We don't get cable tv, so they just LOVE the two stations we do get in, thank God for the bunny ears! ;-)

Jesse said...

I recognized the Sleezstacks right away. I used to watch Land of the Lost with you. I love all of those that you mentioned. I also really liked the Flinstones, the Jetsons, and Josie and the pussycats. :o) This was a really cool blog. It brought back a lot of memories.

Love ya Sisser!!!

melanie said...

My kids aren't really into Saturday morning cartoons like I was as a kid. We used to have cable so Saturday morning cartoons were no big deal because they could watch almost all of the shows whenever they wanted on other stations. When we got rid of cable a couple of years ago, Saturday mornings definitely became more interesting, but that's only if I remember to turn the TV on which I usually forget.

It is sad that today's kids don't have that Saturday morning delight!