Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Trio of hearts - 2

This is my last post until at least Monday, friends, as I am headed to Boston to visit my niece and her parents in the hospital. I will bring with me all of your thoughts and prayers and wishes for her speedy and complete recovery. She is "moving forward" as my sister reported to us, which is of course the direction in which we want her to move, so that is very encouraging!!

I wish you all happy, healthy, peaceful holidays.

Here is my latest trio of paintings. These are "itty-bitties" at only 4 inches square. Tonight I hope to get out of my comfort zone with colors -- these dark reds and golds and greens are my signature colors, and I seem to end up with the same palette even when I think I am trying something different, so this will be a challenge for me.

Realize - 4 x 4 spackle, acrylic & mixed-media on canvas

Adore - 4 x 4 spackle, acrylic & mixed-media on canvas

Cherish - 4 x 4 spackle, acrylic & mixed-media on canvas


Marilyn Rock said...

Beautiful Kerri! I love the colors and texture and the love behind them.

Anonymous said...

These are great Sisser! Cher will love them when she gets the chance to see them. I love all of them.

xoxo Jesse

Saucy Chick Sherry said...

All of your heart art is beautiful and inspirational. I really like the use of words to reflect the feelings.
Safe travel and happy healing to Avery and family.
Treasure your Easter together.

DJ said...

I love these hearts you've been doing, Kerri! They're great!

fran p. said...

These are too precious! I just love, love, love them. Super job! You have a great talent - thanks for sharing with your devoted followers!!! Your niece will "see" how much you love her when she gets a little old enough to appreciate what you have created with her in mind.