Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The April Ta Da List...

What's a ta da list?

My list seems a bit short this month, in spite of the fact that I feel like it was an incredibly busy time and getting busier. As much as I love and welcome the nice spring weather, it brings with it a whole new set of outdoor chores to add to my indoor chores, so perhaps it's that shift into a new season that makes it seem so frantic. I did manage to accomplish some creative things, however, so here is the list...

Designed new business cards (pictured) (I order my personal color printing through this site - great prices, service and sales)
Produced a postcard from one of my digital collages made in March
Taught repeats of popular classes at Art Connection & Stampassion
Read book - White Ghost Girls by Alice Greenway
Removed the last remnants of winter from my garden & yard (this qualifies as a creative outlet for me, so it is listed -- when I am still weeding the garden in August, it will qualify as a chore, but in the early spring, there's nothing like digging in the dirt an watching things pop up!!
Planned and taught a new 3-hour workshop on art journaling at Stampassion - it was a great class. Students really took risks and dove fearlessly into the act of journaling.

And as some of you may know, I've mentioned a few times that I made some intentions this year to get some of my writing, artwork, and projects published. I've been hesitant to be too specific because the publication dates span from later this summer to spring of 2008, and until I see them in print, it seems a bit unreal, but I am very excited about the opportunities, so I am going public! When the publications are actually in print, I will post links to them as well. In order of projected publication dates, you can find my art and articles here:

July/August Somerset Studio - Will publish an article I wrote about my altered birdhouse book

August (projected) Somerset is creating a special edition magazine on "creative blogging" and I was asked to write an article and submit artwork featured in my blog.

Sept/Oct Rubber Stamper - My "Recipe for Creativity" article will be featured, as well as a technique I taught at art connection

Somerset Home II (August 07?)- My butterfly tealights will be included in the gallery section

Take Ten Magazine(Fall 07) - will feature 8 of my handmade greeting cards, using natural elements from the outdoors.

January, 2008 Somerset Life - an article about my collaged tile memo boards

April 2008 - Somerset Workshop III - I will be one of 4 artists who get to showcase and describe step-by-step an artistic process - in my case, digital collage. This is a biggie for me and will involve a LOT of work over this summer to meet their fall 07 deadline for submission of materials but I am thrilled for the opportunity!!

And I'll end this post with the fortune cookie I opened today:

Don't spend your time stringing and tuning your instrument. Start making music now!

So I'll stop cleaning my paint brushes and go make art!!


Marilyn Rock said...

This is marvelous Kerri! Your creativity, hard work and perseverence have paid off for you. I couldn't be happier, for you, and you deserve all of this and more. Congrats, to you, and I so look forward to "seeing" you in the ever-so popular art publications. I can say...."I know her" YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to fly!!!!

Anonymous said...

I bought a copy of the Spring 08 issue of Somerset Life and saw your article on embellishing tiles.

I loved it! :) I've been looking out for tiles everywhere I go (not many places here in the Philippines where I can get tiles unless I order them wholesale, for an entire rooom.)

Once I find tiles I can use, I'm definitely going to try out your ideas. :)