Saturday, April 28, 2007


Sometimes my days and weeks feel very cohesive. This is when I am most creative and productive. Unfortunately, this was not one of those weeks. No matter how much I accomplished this week, there were 40 more things I needed to do. Hopefully, I will make time today to catch up on a little housework and a lot of artwork. The garden also beckons. A friend gave me some daylilies and I cannot wait to plant them alongside my house.
I did manage to experiment a bit in Photoshop yesterday to create this collage. And tomorrow I teach a class on art journaling, and I cannot wait. Art journals are such a wonderful and free way to get out of your own way and create with wild abandon. I hope to instill this in my students.

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Laura said...

Kerri - This totally fits in with a conversation I was having with my husband the other day and then with Marilyn...I said that I think I like doing collage so much because it's the way my mind works (layer upon layer upon layer) and it's also the way that life is!
When I saw this it was like you were reading my mind! Laura J