Friday, April 13, 2007


In a couple of previous posts, I mentioned that my friend Laura Jones was hosting a charm swap in which I was invited to participate. I was treated to a wonderful boxful of charms in my mailbox about a week ago, and I wanted to share some of my favorites here today. In truth, I loved them ALL, but these were some that particularly stood out for me. This was such a fun creative exchange, and as you can see from this selection, no two were even remotely the same!! My absolute favorite was a charm that Laura made from a small Christmas lightbulb, adorned with seed beads, inspirational words, and wire. The simplicity and absolute genius of using an object in an unexpected way just made me smile.

Charming artists, l to r. top row, then bottom:
Debbie Wachel, Michele Merges Martens, Laura Jones & Laura Jones (my fave!)
Linda London, Mary Devenpeck, Marilyn Rock, Melanie Phillips, Laura Jones


Marilyn Rock said...

Thanks for sharing the pics of the charms from Laura's exchange. This was a fun one and I just love all of them. Also; your digital collages are wonderful. You really are flying Kerri! I'm so happy to be back online so I can keep visiting your Blog. Love, Marilyn

Liz Ness said...

So cool, so cool! It's always like going to a goodies store when I many cool/wonderful/beautiful things to see. Your blog is so inpsiring!