Monday, April 16, 2007

Spotlight On...Art Journals

While my blog has become an easy and consistent way of documenting and developing my artistic growth, I love hands-on, tactile art...and one of my favorite forms of artistic expression and experimentation is art journaling..

So I am very excited to be teaching a class on that topic at Stampassion at the end of April (the 29th) and in May (the 20th).

My art journals are a very personal and free form of artistic expression, and I hope to pass on my passion for this medium to my students in this three-hour workshop. We'll explore breaking the blank page with some fun and colorful background techniques, and I will provide ideas and guidance so that students can find their creative voice and boldly go where they've never gone before!!!

Here are a few pages from the journal that I am working in now for the class...

One exercise that I want to get students thinking about is to explore and embrace their symbolic alphabet, which is a term that I recently became familiar with through Anahata Katkin's blog. She's got an amazing outlook on art and life, and I identify enormously with her creative philosophy. I find myself saying "yes, yes" when I read about her artistic vision, and I hope to pass that kind of energy and excitement onto my students.


Stefanie said...

Nate found your page, so I read some of your blogs.....groovy. (Esp. the one about prison...I mean Catholic school).

Nancy Bea said...

Wow, wish I was taking your class! Sounds therapeutic as well as a massage for the mind.

Patti G. said...

First off, I LOVE your art journal and congrats on teaching the class there! I know that the students are going to love your process and fine teachings! What BEAUTIFUL pages you have created!

I love your art above sending feelings of sympathy and heart felt attachment to those at Virginia Tech! It is something how a tragedy like this feels as if it has happened to someone we know...even when it has not, as our hearts ache for them just the same.

AND I want to send my HUGE CONGRATULATIONS AND BIGGEST HUGS for your news of being chosen as a feature artist for SOMERSET. I am so glad and you are sooooooo deserving, we are allllllll thrilled to be able to see your talents published and being shared! That is AWESOME and you are a wonder!

Liz Ness said...

WOW! I love your journals, so going to have to delve into this form of expression soon...I feel it coming on. Love the personal aspect of it. Thanks so much for sharing this!

Laura said...

Kerri - As a fellow art journaler, I absolutely love your pages!! I haven't had time lately to work in any of my journals and I really miss it. It's such a freeing form of art. Thanks for sharing these!
Laura J