Friday, May 04, 2007

Confessions of a dollar store junkie

I admit it. I love dollar stores. I know of every store within a 25-mile radius of my home, (there are at least 9) and if I am headed anywhere, I cannot pass by without a quick peek inside, where $1 quickly becomes $30 before I leave. Today it was $39.97, to be exact.
I was looking for small containers that could hold sets of notecards for an upcoming class I am teaching. I found the perfect little boxes, wrapped in decorative floral papers, with a ribbon loop to open them. I needed 10 for class, but I couldn't leave the 3 remaining boxes behind, could I? Then I found sets of pens, small tins, and small journal books that matched the little boxes. So I bought a few of those as well. Two boxes of ziplock baggies, 1 package of bamboo skewers, 6 wooden easels, an ornamental mirror, a pad of newsprint and one box of baby wipes later, I left the store and dashed back to work. This was just my lunch hour.
While many of my purchases were practical - I use the baggies and baby wipes in the classes I teach, so they really are a staple -- many of the remaining purchases fell into the category of "If I don't get these now I'll need them next week and I'll come back and they'll be gone." Of course, my art room is filled with items that I had to have and was certain that I would use, but haven't ... yet. Yet. Such a little three-letter word, but it holds such promise. One of the pitfalls of having a creative mind is that I can see creative potential in just about EVERYTHING. And if it costs only $1, the temptation is simply irresistible.

So I stash things aside, and tuck things away, until the perfect opportunity presents itself. Hmm. I should have gotten a few more of those little journal books. Gotta run!

And in other news...

There's nothing like a full-day staff meeting to bring out my inner doodler. As a child I used to draw all the time. I've gotten away from it, but scribbling away these faces in my notepad made me remember how much I enjoy it.


Marilyn Rock said...

Hmmmmmmmmm Kerri; these doodles, of yours, look like they might have rubber-stamp potential :)

DEW said...

Ha! Kerrieo Possiliani head! You need to just color them up!!