Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A walk in the woods with Max, etc.

Max and I went to the town park again on Sunday, and enjoyed a crisp fall-like morning walking through the woods. I tried to take lots of pictures of the sights along the trails, but my camera needed to be recharged and it was kind of dark, so many did not turn out very well. Still, I wanted to post what I saw...
fungi-covered tree stumps and "tree-man" a big dead tree with a face on it and his branch arms open wide - see? It's really so beautiful at the park in the early morning. There are very few people - mostly dog-walkers, and it it so quiet... just the sounds of geese and crickets and nature minding its business. This is only our second visit to the park, because we usually go to the local school grounds, which are much closer. But it's so much more peaceful and there's so much more to see (for both of us) on the hiking trails and along the river, that we're going to start to go more often. Rumor has it that they even plow the trails in winter for cross country skiers and crazy winter dog walkers like me.

I got back to basics last weekend and made some simple greeting cards. Before I began to pursue mixed media art, I was an avid handmade greeting card designer, and I still love to make cards, though I don't spend enough time doing it anymore... these are simply stamped & punched...


Liz Ness said...

Beautiful designs!

Jesse said...


This may be the reason you were not invited to Martha's Vineyard. What on earth is "tree man"??? I don't think you should be walking alone in the woods with Max. I think this is dangerous.

xoxo LiL' Sisser

Cher said...

Hi sisser,
What do you smoke during your "walk in the woods" (also a book written by Bill Bryson).
We are missing you on the Vineyard! What a fabulous place this will be for next years bonding!! Cannot wait. easy does it on the walking and being one with nature...I want what you had for breakfast :)
xoxo Love ya
Mil' Sisser

Mom or Mommy or GiGi said...

Kerri Jean,

This is your mother speaking Stop walking in the woods by yourself this minute and don't tell me you have that ridiculous dog with you to protect you because that is rediculous I am speaking to you from the vineyard where you weren't invited I really mean this so don't let me hear you are walking in the woods alone anymore otherwise you are going to get time out!!!

Love you very much,

Jesse said...


Mom had a lot of Wine on the Vineyard. YIKES!!!!!! I think I now know where my run on sentences come from. She does not believe in punctuation.?! I am a total product of her.....

Love you lots

PS: Mom said Frig the woods!!

See what I told you about the wine!!! xoxo Lil' Sisser

avery"s mum said...

Hi Sisser<
I am adopted :)
Love ya twin Sisser!!
peas on earth

Mom or Mommy or GiGi said...

I certainly did not have too0 much WINE This walking inthe woods is CR!!!!AZAY Are you trying to mage me before my time you are doing it Iwant no mo0re of this so stop now and I mean it!!!
Again Love YOur MoThEWr!!!!

Imiss yaou!

Cher said...

Hi Sisser<
Mil Sisser

DEW said...

Those comments were truly hyterical! I wonder if we're related some how - I resemble those remarks!

Now I do have to admit that I so totally understand tree- man. We have "tree-horse" in our woods. I took pictures weeks ago and still haven't posted them! Funny coindence!

Robyn said...

Laughter is the best medicine! I feel so light hearted after reading the comments from your hilarious family. A toast to mom. I can see where your sense of humour comes from. I have just discovered your blog and am loving it.
Let me introduce myself. Hi I'm Robyn from South Africa.