Saturday, September 16, 2006

Studio Friday - A Floral Treat!

Thanks Leslie for this fun topic - I love flowers (who doesn't?) I originally hoped that I would have an opportunity to paint or otherwise create a piece of floral art, but this is my busiest month at work, and was busy in a thousand other ways I won't bore you with, so I snapped a few pictures of these magestic sunflowers that have grown in the community garden down at the grade school where I walk Max.
The garden was created by the sixth grade class two years ago, and now each year, grade school students, their families, and volunteers from the community tend it and watch it grow. The garden is still quite new and not yet very artistically laid out, but each year the sunflowers grow to eight feet tall, and I never cease to be amazed by them. I had a little Photoshop fun with these pictures, but they are actual shots that I took, about a week ago. This phrase came to me as I was playing, but I probably stole it from someplace else. Does anyone else do that? - make something up, and then discover later that they really saw it or read it or heard it somewhere else before? I do it rather frequently, and I'm always annoyed when I discover that I'm not as clever as I'd imagined.


Pamela said...

Don't you just love sunflowers? A couple of my glass flowers are sunflowers... I, too, have had those same experiences in which I think of a great idea only to discover someone else already thought of it. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Ouissi Gresty said...

Particularly love the second that watercolour effect?? I used to adore sunflowers as a child...all british children do because of blue peter (tv programme) & their annual sunflower height competition! tend to go for something a little smaller nowadays but they are beautiful...may be an idea for a card....!! (one track mind)

Better retire now...up early in the morning...

Ouissi x

tempestdelfuego said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog.
Community gardens are so wonderful, especially when they hold sunflowers! They always put a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing these! :)

kate_always said...

Sunflowers just can't be beat. they'll grow in tough conditions and last for days...not to mention all of those good seeds at the end.

They have become the symbol of rembrance in our family, always turning their faces to the sun.