Monday, September 18, 2006

Fabric ATCs etc.

This is my second round of ATCs for the one swap I am participating in. I am loving the ability to try new techniques in a small format, and also then giving away my creations. I like that they're 'out there' for someone else to enjoy (at least I hope they're enjoyed.) The first swap was themeless. For this swap, the theme was FABRIC! (ooh, such fun.) I created these using Judikins new Tranz It transfer medium. Very much like gel medium except that it seems to work with a larger variety of originals - everything from color copies, to b/w copies, to color lasers - which never worked for me with gel medium. I created the transfers on muslin and then hand-sewed the muslin and embellishments to pieces of wool felt.


Andrew said...

Hi Kerri,

Thank you for visiting my site and for leaving such a nice comment. I appreciate it!

All the best,

mreteveian said...

Love your atcs, - I'm makeing some of my own right now and these were such an inspiration.
Thanks for visiting my site :-)

Ouissi Gresty said...

These are lovely...particularly the heart cute...I bet they are lovely to hold...very tactile...

Ouissi x

DEW said...

Not to repeat myself - but these are fantastic! You'll have to show me that transfer technique!! Stampassion didn't have any Tranz-it so I don't have any yet! And if you can do it I know I can....oh...just kidding! I'm just as transfer-challenged (if not more) than you are!! You get all kinds of things to work that I can't get to work. Gee - I hope I get one of yours this time!!