Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Extreme makeover...

Due to an overwhelming number of requests to see my new hairdo (okay - one request, and I'm not even sure who it was, except that they obviously know me), I am postponing my previously scheduled blog and posting some photos here. After taking (and deleting) about 60 pictures with my digital camera, I am now sitting here asking myself - when did my nose get so big... (okay sisser, don't answer that) and my lips get so small... and where did that extra chin come from.. and have I always had buck teeth...and those circles under my eyes???? AND why did I bother having my hair cut and then coloring it when it's framing THAT face!!! Of course, I am colossally cheap when it comes to self-maintenance, so the total cost of cut & color -- with a tip for the hairdresser -- was only $30, but maybe investing in a giant hat & a pair of sunglasses would have been better.
So these are the best of the pictures, taken just moments ago. Last week, the color was what I call "blackish-red," in spite of the fact that Clairol Natural Instincts calls the color nutmeg. Upon hearing the name, my husband said it should have been called "nutjob." In addition, I had blow-dried it and styled it in a flip-under, which looked utterly ridiculous.
My husband's keen and unfortunately accurate comment when he saw me was that I looked like Willy Wonka (Johnny Depp version), sans top hat. So now I have opted not to dry & style my hair, but to scrunch & spritz instead... and since this is a wash-out color, it has mellowed a bit over the past week. Still this is why you will be seeing more photos of artwork and fewer photos of me as the years go by. To my online artist bloggers who participate in self portrait challenge - you're all very brave & more beautiful than I fully appreciated before.


Andrew said...

Ah yes, husband's comments about their wive's appearance ... I wonder if we truly appreciate the power we have to send you poor souls scurrying back to your blow dryers to try to please us. With great power comes great responsibility, I guess :o)

To Love, Honor and Dismay

Misty Mawn said...

Oh, you are being way too hard on yourself! Your pictures are great! I too, take very many, many pictures to get ONE good one...that's what is so great about a digital camera!
I am an all visual person, so it's nice to have a face with a name.....although, I have to say, it is a bit mysterious not knowing. ;-)

Andrew said...

Hi again!

Thanks so much for stopping by my site and for leaving your comment. I appreciate it!

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh this is what you now look like! How cute, I think your hair looks great. Nice short cut just in time for winter!! Your so beautiful doopy see you soon. Love you!

Liz Ness said...

You look great -- the "do" suites you (and you're very pretty, so enough of that nonsense about circles under the eyes)!

Ouissi Gresty said...

Its nice to see a picture of you...I can now have that in my mind when speaking to you!

Ouissi x