Thursday, September 14, 2006

Polymer clay tile cards...

Once a month, I teach a class at the local senior center, for a lively and energetic group of women who could run circles around me, and usually do. I take summers off, so last night was my first night back since June. We've been meeting for about a year, making greeting cards, and assorted small crafts that involve painting, rubber stamping, and other mixed media techniques. After our summer hiatus, I thought it would be fun to do something different, so we created polymer clay tiles to make a jewelry pin and several greeting cards. Unfortunately, my class was left off the weekly newsletter, and only three of the twelve women scheduled to attend remembered that we set this date back in June. Of course, the four of us had a great class, but I am really bummed that the majority of our regular attendees missed learning about stamping on clay, because it was a cool technique that I would like to work into future classes, and now I'll have to do the intro all over again -- not to mention that I conditioned and prepped clay sheets for 12 people - can you say CARPAL TUNNEL?! I do have a pasta machine, but the clay still requires hand-kneading before it will even go through the machine. Ugh. Anyway, I'm just venting.
On a completely different topic, for those of you who want a tiny glimpse into where I came from, read the comments associated with my previous blog (A walk in the woods with Max). These are my family members - mother and two sisters, all of whom I adore, by the way - who are vacationing right now on Martha's Vineyard. Apparently, after a few glasses of wine - and more than a few for my mom, it seems, they visited my blog and left comments. I am sorry that I am not there, but this is my busiest month at work, so I want to believe that's why I was not invited :>) - love you mommy & sissers & Avery!!


DEW said...

Sorry about the class! Bummer! But I am truly amazed that even 4 remembered! You should be happy about that! The tiles look amazing! Hope your wrists get better!! I am VERY lazy. I sit on the clay for awhile and soften it, squish it, and then put it through the paste machine - even if it crumbles (I have books on polymer clay that tell you to put it in a food processor and chop it - so who cares if it crumbles in the pasta machine?), I just keep running it through until it starts conditioning. I'm sure it's not good for the pasta machine. ;-) XOX

Ouissi Gresty said...

Your family sound like mine...always wine & can so imagine my mother doing that...if she could get on the internet that is...!!

Ouissi x

Jesse said...


It's me again. We miss you very much. We found this great bead store that i think you and Liz will love. So in June when we come over here for FBW 07' we will drop you two off and pick you up right before we catch the Ferry to leave. :o)

xoxo Love you and Miss you,

Lil' Sisser