Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Oceana - the art doll

Here's a look at the second version of an art doll I've designed for an upcoming class... I've named her Oceana,for her blue gown, and wavy hair. Her armature is made from a stick, and wire for the arm, so the class is called Stick Figure Femme, and is being offered at a new art store and studio in Scotia, New York, called the Art Connection. The first class will be held on Sunday, July 16, and a second offering will take place on Saturday, August 12.

The first version of this doll was inspired by a stick that had an arch-shaped branch for an arm, rather than wire. I featured it in an earlier blog entry.

I have to say, although art dolls are not my first art form, I absolutely love the creative process once I am involved. It's so much fun watching them "come to life."

For those who are interested in process, her face is polymer clay with Pearl ex pigments, her clothing is a muslin strip died with Dye na flow, and patterned with rubber stamps, her hair is multilayered strands of fibers and yarns, and hanging from her wire arm is a seashell from a previous trip to Sanibel and Captiva Islands in Florida.


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I love her "new" look. The silk is nice because it drapes very nicely, but the color on the muslim is bright. And you know me - I LOVE bright!! Love the colors and how they blend. Good going and I hope you have a full class and everyone has fun!