Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Eight days to bonding weekend!

Today I'm posting some pictures of my bonding journal. I designed these journals a few years after the first annual bonding weekend, as a way for each bonder to take back some memories, inspirations and memorabilia. I found the 3-ring binders at our local dollar store, marked down to 3/$1, so I bought about 20 of them.I later discovered that the special discount price was due to the fact that no sheet of paper was pre-made to fit this binder. I had to hand-cut & punch all the papers. Then I designed a totally female cover, using a collage of copyright free images. The covers are laminated and attached to the binders with eyelets.

Each year, when we arrive at my sister's house and settle in, we take out our journals and laugh at the notes & quotes & photos from previous years. Some years, the bonders are asked to bring famous female quotes or a recipe to share with the group, and these are added to the journal as well. My journal also contains each of the invitations & itineraries that my sister mails to us each year, as well as books of matches, postcards, chopsticks, & found objects from years past.


DEW said...

This is wonderful and I didn't realize that you keep working on it each year! That is terrific!! Happy Mad Max is going with you!

Jesse said...

I lover our journals. I do laugh every year when I open my journal and look at some of the treasures we have added throughout the years. xoxo

Kim Carney said...

what a great idea, memories, fun together!