Saturday, July 08, 2006

ingredients for achieving balance...

8 parts sleep
2 parts exercise
7 parts work
4 parts fun & relaxation
1 part introspection
2 parts everything else
(note: your own ingredients will vary based on the flavors you enjoy in life.)

Fold gently. Bake at 75 degrees in the sunshine. Enjoy with a glass of wine or a very cold beer.

I planted these shasta daisies more than a year ago, and the have finally bloomed. It took a great deal of patience for me not to rip them out and plant something else, because the plant without flowers is rather stalky and unattractive. Now, I love how they peek around the corner of our house so cheerfully. --A lesson in how patience rewards us.


Jesse said...

These are very pretty. I love daisy flowers. I actually bought a potted plant that are small daisies.

DEW said...

I love shasta daisies and I always kill them. Even when I have Len plant them!! I like your recipe - especially the very cold beer part :-)