Friday, October 11, 2013


 Some call it upcycled. 

Whatever you call it, I love it when something old or discarded finds new life. I particularly love it when that something is transformed into something entirely different and wonderful.

In this case, I didn't transform the piece at all, but I still love it.

Like so many parts of the country, we've experienced some severe weather in recent months -- mostly heavy rainstorms, flash flooding and even a few tornadoes. One of these storms in late spring blew my back fence down. After determining that it could not be repaired, I just had it replaced, but like so many artists and creative types, (you know who you are!!), I could not bear to part with the old fence.

The posts holding it up were rotted, as well as the pegs into which it connected, but the sides were sturdy and had aged to a wonderful gray patina. So the fence company left all the sides at my request, neatly sectioning them and leaning them along the side of my shed.

Today, one of them is now on my front porch, as a backdrop to my wicker furniture. The rest still lean patiently beside my shed, waiting for inspiration and transformation. Thanks to Pinterest, I have lots of ideas!


Marilyn J. Rock said...

Fantastic! I hear ya sister! xxoo

Createology said...

I noticed your lovely red wicker furniture and then the fabulous aged fencing. I love how you are enjoying it on your porch. Very smart of you to save the other sections for future artistic endeavors. I have lots of catching up to do after 9 days of company! Creative Bliss Dear...
P.S. I am so relieved to hear you are safe from all the extreme weather and storms.

fran pascazio said...

Project one of the "repurpose the fence" challenge! Can't wait to see what else you come up with! The porch looks great.

Peggy Beck said...

Looks inviting Kerri. Well done!