Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Coping with uncertainty...

I read an article the other day that began with this:

"According to Dante's Inferno, Limbo is the first circle of Hell."

The funny part was that this quote comforted me. It's nice to know that we're not alone in our struggles, and that in spite of the world of differences that separate us from our ancestors, some basic truths remain.

Uncertainty and ambiguity are unsettling. Period. It is okay to go through moments of joy, fear, panic, and calm, all in one day (sometimes, all in one hour). It's been happening to people forever. And we get through it.

I am busy creating some new illustrations and also a new round of heart paintings that I will be offering for sale, in a variety of ways, very soon! That is the good stuff. The stuff that keeps my head in the stars, but my feet planted firmly on the ground during these uncertain times.

There's also a country song that goes something like this...
"if you're going through hell, keep on might get out 'fore the devil even knows you're there."

So, I've gotta run!!
One of my most recent heart paintings:
12 x12 - Acrylic and mixed media on canvas
What the future brings


Lisa said...

Lovely painting! :)

Kerri Jean said...

Thanks Lisa!! I miss seeing you and Keira!!! Hope you are well. I was laid off so if you're working part time we should get together one of these days.

Marilyn J. Rock said...

F$@! the devil! I believe in you and your art - so many do! Love your painting; looking forward to YOU! xxoo

DJ said...

Oh I love your heart paintings!
Yes, just keeping going, it's all you can do! :)