Monday, April 21, 2008

What not to wear...

...apparently virtually everything in my wardrobe!
The arrival of spring weather necessitated that I pack up my winter wardrobe over the weekend and swap it for my summer clothes, which I store in totes in my attic. Unfortunately, as soon as I opened the lids of the totes, I could hear Stacy and Clinton in my head, exclaiming in horror at what lay beneath the lids. I could not believe that I even deemed most of this stuff worthy of packing and lugging up to my attic! So one by one, I emptied the totes and discarded (to charity) all of the items that I reluctantly admitted to myself I would not or should not ever wear again. Much to my dismay, however, this ruthless purging of my pathetic wardrobe was not met with a $5000 Visa card and a trip to NYC. Instead, I found myself staring sadly at the remaining contents of my now spacious, little, almost empty closet and pondering how many ways one can wear one pair of ivory trousers, one pair of black trousers, two floral prints skirts and four neutral tops. Now there's a creative challenge.

Here are a few of the rules I used to decide what to keep and what to donate.
It was time to let go if:
-- Aretha's "Freeway of Love" was a top ten hit when it was purchased.
-- it had shoulder pads.
-- it had text across the rear end.
-- I had cut off the sleeves, neckline or legs.
-- it reminded me of Molly Ringwald.
-- a strategically placed piece of jewelry would hid the stain.
-- I thought I should save it for a halloween costume.


Miss*Laurence said...


This is so true!It happens every year! Can one's tastes really change that much within 12 months?

How can last year's favourite item suddenly become worthy of the scarecrow's wardrobe?? Every year I pack stuff and forget, and every year I discover what I'll never wear again or for some reason neglected...

Lucky you you changed your wardrobe already though. Here at the moment Spring is still just a name, not a season!

Marilyn Rock said...

Love your rules, Kerri, for determining what stays and what goes! Fabulous post!

Laura said...

This is great, Kerri! I recently threw out a couple things with shoulder pads, too! Didn't even like THEM when they were popular.

Debbie said...

HA! I've been doing the purging thing as well starting back when "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style" was on. I have been hanging onto things for YEARS thinking I'd get back into them. I also realize I only wear the same things over and over until they wear out or pill all up until I'm too embarrassed to wear them in public. It is time to "let go".

I'm VERY proud of you. You can do great with what's left - you'll just be doing laundry..a lot!!

You ARE brave - I've NEVER bought stuff with text across the rear!! ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL! I'm soooooo cracking up over here (I still have to let go of a few jackets with shoulder pads...they're never coming back, it'd be a safe bet...what was I thinking anyway?).

Congratulations on the purge!

Anonymous said...

I saw those shorts with writing on the butt and I am glad that you got rid of them. I think I should send Stacy & Clinton a note about you. Unfortunatly, now that you have purged everything the show would not be as funny. :o)

xoxo Sisser