Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good night, sleep tight...

...don't let the bed bugs bite!

That's what my dad said to us every night at bedtime when we were growing up. I don't believe, at that time, my dad new about the millions of dust mites that live on beds, and therefore the accuracy of his statement, but maybe he did and just thought it best not to mention them. It was difficult enough to get us to go to bed at all.

My bedtime as a child was embarrassingly early -- 8 pm until I hit puberty. I dreaded the bus ride to school in the morning, because my friends would all be talking about the tv shows they watched the night before --The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman, among others, and I would try to pretend I had seen them too, when in reality, I had to hit the sheets after Beat the Clock and To Tell the Truth. I was sure someone would call my bluff.

Our bedtime ritual included saying our prayers, followed by a shout out to my mother the minute we were tucked in, so that we could have glass of milk. That was followed, of course, by one more trip to the bathroom, all stall tactics to postpone the inevitable.

What I would do for an 8 pm bedtime and to sleep like a child again now!!
Sweet dreams today everyone!!


Cindy Dean said...

Your drawings are so cute! I love the textures you are putting on them.

P.S. My mom used to say the same thing to us!

Anonymous said... little guy goes for the drink of water to postpone bedtime. He goes to bed at eight, too. We need at least an hour alone before we can hit the hay. (We're old...we need early bed times, too.)

Debbie said...

Love this one! The textures are great in this. Can't wait to take your Photoshop class! ;)

Yes, we got the "don't let the bed bugs bite" too. I bet kids now a days would look at us like we had a hole in our head!!

Keep 'em coming - I'm loving these illustrations greeting me every day to bright up my days!!


Laura said...

Really cute, Kerri! My Dad always said this, too. Thanks for a memory and a smile.

Marilyn Rock said...

Cute illustration with your post Kerri! Oh; I'm seein' this book of yours coming in future :) Your early bedtime, as a child, really hit home with me. I used to go to bed and listen to the kids playing outside my house. But; I think this is one of the reasons why I like birds, so much, to this day, I'm up early with them. :)

Anonymous said...

This brings back some memmories of bedtime. I used to turn up the TV before I went to bed because my bed was up against the wall where the TV was. That way I could listen to what was going on. Until this day I still like to fall asleep to the TV.

xoxo Lil Sisser