Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The June Ta Da list...

I am quite late in posting my June "ta da" list, as the beginning of July was vacation time not just for me but for my laptop. Thanks to all who sent cyber-sympathies. Fortunately most of my photos and important work was backed up, so all I lost was some blogging time.

I should be refreshed from having some decent time off work, but I made a horrible discovery with five days in a row off --- I have forgotten how to relax. I really used to be an expert at relaxation...before I became a homeowner... I LOVE down time, so I am going to get back into practice!!

So this is my list for June

Taught Home Sweet Soldered Home
- A class to teach others how to solder jewelry pieces - I was much better as a teacher than student... most of my students really excelled at it in a short time and I am still struggling!!!

Taught Spotlight on Art Journals - this was a very fun class to get people started art journaling. I focused on some background techniques to break the blank page, as well as inspiration to help students find their own voice and use their journal as a vehicle for creative expression and abandon.

Read book: Rise & Shine by Anna Quindlen - I love her books.

Planned & taught seniors class
for June - my last seniors class until fall. We did some greeting cards and also iris-folding techniques. I thought the seniors might not like the meticulous folding involved, but the results are so cool, they seemed very pleased.

Submitted greeting card set & article to Take 10 Magazine - This was just an unsolicited project that I decided to submit because I think it's a good fit for their magazine. We'll see!

Wrote article for next issue of Somerset Life
- This article was solicited by the editor for a project I submitted. I am hopeful it's just what they wanted and I'll see it in January 2008. (wow, that sounds so far away!!)

Planned new class for Art Connection called: Charm School - We'll be making 2 each of 4 different charms/pendants...two with mica fragments, two with fabric, two with a small glass bottle and two with mat board and beads. I had a great time planning this class - I should have posted a picture of the samples but I submitted them to the store before I took a photo. Art Connection is about a half hour away and not on my normal route, so I may not get to take a picture before the class on July 28.

Was paid for my first article!!! - This was very exciting for me, as I am finding ways to make my living doing what I love, which includes making art, teaching classes and writing about it as well!!!

...I will leave you with these DELICIOUS images I took at Beadniks, a store I visited recently on Martha's Vineyard. Have you ever seen anything so LUSCIOUS!!!



Marilyn Rock said...

Happy you're "up and running" again with your laptop. Luscious pictures of the beads and things from your trip to MV; wonderful eye candy :)

DEW said...

WOW!! That is one hell of a ta da list!!! I find myself in a rare position - speechless at all you accomplished! Way to go girlfriend! XOX D

Liz Ness said...

I agree with Dew...that's a HUGE list. You totally deserve to relax...hope you find your way back to the art of doing nothing at all. It's glorious (when there is time for it, that is)!