Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm in Artful Blogging Magazine!!

Somerset's newest publication... Artful Blogging (visually inspiring online journals)... I was sent a preview copy, but I think it will be available in stores on August 1. This is the first edition of a new Somerset quarterly publication that features artist's blogs, and like all Somerset publications, it's wonderful --- a snapshot of some absolutely amazing blogs. I found myself wanting to sit down and read it cover to cover... but I'm savoring it a little at a time!!!

To be featured along with the likes of Nina Bagley, Claudine Hellmuth and Misty Mawn (among others), is thrilling, and I truly hope that some of what I share here inspires, amuses and entertains, as I chronicle my art and life. Actually, I think I had particularly good timing to have been included...I happened to submit a number of articles and art pieces to other Somerset publications, which included my blog along with contact information, when this publication was in the planning stages. In addition, it was during the month of March that I decided to make "art every day" and post it to my blog, so I happened to have a lot of art on my blog at the time.

So I encourage all of you who've been thinking about submitting art or an article to one of your favorite magazines, to just DO IT. You never know where it will lead!!!

PS.. You'll find my blog feature on pages 20-23.


Patti G. said...

Kerri you talented thing......CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!
You should feel right at home with those other artists gal!! YES YES!
Great and I am excited for you!

DEW said...

CONGRATS!!! Very exciting especially with the company you are keeping in that same magazine! Fantastic!!

Nancy Bea said...

Wow, congratulations! Wonderful news and well-deserved.

Cindy Dean said...

I am sooooo happy for you! That is so very cool.

Marilyn Rock said...

Kerri! Move over Claudine, Misty and others. It's Kerri's turn now!! You are so talented and creative and you deserve all of this and more! Congrats!!

Liz Ness said...

You're getting published left and right...that's so cool! (I didn't even know there was a magazine like artful blogging.) I really loved those pieces when they were on your blog, too...so gald to see them in the magazine!

Karoda said...

Hi, I just polished off the week savoring every page of Artful Blogging and now am going through the featured bloggers. Congratulations and I intend to come back soon.

Going For Greatness said...

I will have to go get a copy so I can see!!!

Carmen said...

Wow! How exciting for you!!! Congrats! I can't wait to see it!